Feast of Flavours: A Vegan Journey Through Festivals in India


India, with its rich fabric of cultures and traditions, celebrates a wide range of festivals as different as its terrain. Each holiday exemplifies the country's deep-rooted traditions, and food plays an important role in these events. In recent years, there has been a considerable shift toward a more mindful way of life, with many Indians adopting veganism. This lifestyle choice not only adheres to the principles of ahimsa (nonviolence), but it also provides environmental and health benefits. As we go through the holiday season, let's take a vegan journey to explore how traditional feasts can be enjoyed without sacrificing taste or tradition.

Veganism's popularity in India has grown significantly. It's more than simply a dietary choice; it's a way of life that many people are embracing for its numerous benefits. Recognizing this transition, brands such as Tata Simply Better have launched a line of plant-based meat products tailored to the Indian palate, allowing vegans to participate in holiday eating without feeling excluded. Tata Simply Better plant-based meat and plant chicken have revolutionized plant-based meat in India, providing delicious, nutritious alternatives to traditional animal recipes.

Festivals in India are incomplete without their signature meals, whether it is the rich, juicy kebabs of Eid, the diverse plates of Onam, or the opulent buffets of Diwali. Thanks to breakthrough products like Tata Simply Better's plant-based beef, many traditional recipes may now be replicated in vegan forms without sacrificing their essence. For example, Awadhi Seekh Kebabs, a popular dish during Eid and other festive occasions, maybe cooked using Tata Simply Better plant-based meat, providing a cruelty-free, ecologically friendly option that is just as delectable as meat.


Eid, the end of Ramadan, is a celebration of appreciation, family, and unity, symbolized by prayers and a spectacular feast that draws communities together. The essence of Eid goes beyond the spiritual; it is a culinary event that highlights a wide range of flavours, from rich biryanis to juicy kebabs. With the development of plant-based alternatives, those pursuing a vegan diet can enjoy the holiday season. Tata Simply Better's plant-based meat enables the preparation of classic Eid delights without sacrificing taste or heritage. Thus, Eid becomes a beautiful blend of reverence and revelry, with an inclusive feast that allows everyone to participate in the joyous celebration, echoing Eid's real spirit of togetherness and peace.


Similarly, the joy of Onam, a celebration known for its large vegetarian feast, may be enhanced for vegans with dishes like Avial and Thoran, which use Tata Simply Better plant chicken. This enables for a greater range of vegan foods at the Onam Sadya (feast) that are also high in proteins and nutrients, keeping to the Sattvic diet ideals that are common in many Indian cultures.


Diwali, the festival of lights, is another occasion in which food is key. Sweets and snacks are abundant, with many traditionally prepared with ghee (clarified butter) or dairy. Vegan versions of these can be easily prepared with plant-based materials, preserving the essence of Diwali while making it accessible to individuals who live a vegan lifestyle. Tata Simply Better's plant-based products may also be utilized to make delicacies like Biryani or Chicken Tikka, allowing vegans to fully participate in the holiday festivities.


The Holi celebration noted for its vivid hues, also brings with it a variety of delectable foods. The celebration is a culinary pleasure, including savoury nibbles as well as sweet sweets. Vegan versions of classic Holi foods such as Gujiya, which are made with vegan dough and fillings, and savoury snacks such as Samosas, which are made with plant-based meat, can bring a new depth to the festivities, making them more inclusive and healthy.

What is the market size of plant-based food in India?

The emergence of plant-based meat in India, led by brands such as Tata Simply Better, is more than a trend; it is a movement toward a more sustainable and ethical way of life. It demonstrates Indians' rising understanding of how their dietary choices affect their health and the environment. The availability of delectable, high-quality plant-based alternatives has made it easier for people to switch to a vegan lifestyle while still enjoying their favourite recipes and the thrill of festive dining.

In conclusion, the voyage of festivals in India reflects the country's rich cultural legacy. With the rise of veganism and the availability of novel goods such as Tata Simply Better's plant-based beef and plant chicken, this path has become more accessible and sustainable. It allows people to enjoy the essence of these festivities while adhering to their ethical and health-conscious values. The Feast of Flavours in India continues to evolve, and with it, the opportunities for a vegan journey through its festivities become increasingly appealing and gratifying.

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