Tata Simply Better Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

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Introducing Tata Simply Better Pure & Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil - the perfect ingredient to elevate your daily cooking! This exceptional oil is made from A1 Grade Olives sourced from the farms of Spain, ensuring the highest quality in every bottle. Cold-pressed extraction ensures that vital nutrients, aroma, and flavor are preserved, making it ideal for dressings and dips. Moreover, it's cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, and rich in Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which maintain healthy cholesterol levels and natural antioxidants.


Looking for a healthier option to upgrade your cooking? Look no further than Tata Simply Better Pure & Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil! This versatile oil can be used for sizzling, drizzling, sautéing, or baking, taking your culinary creations to the next level. Plus, it contains Vitamins E and K, which are essential for supporting your immune system. With its anti-spill bottle design, you can enjoy the convenience of everyday use without worrying about messy spills. So, why settle for refined oils that may harm you and your loved ones? Make the switch to Tata Simply Better Pure & Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil today!



  1. 100% PURE AND UNREFINED: Experience the authentic flavor of extra virgin olive oil in its pure and unrefined form. We never refine or mix our olive oil, preserving its natural taste and health benefits
  2. IDEAL FOR COLD COOKING: Elevate your culinary creations with our olive oil. It adds a rich and nuanced flavor to any recipe, making it perfect for salad dressings, drizzling over dishes, or gently baking
  3. A1 GRADE OLIVES: Handpicked from the revered olive groves of Spain, our olives are of the highest quality, ensuring each bottle of oil is nothing short of exemplary
  4. TRANS FAT-FREE & CHOLESTEROL-FREE: A heart-healthy choice, our extra virgin olive oil is completely free from trans fats and cholesterol, perfect for a healthy lifestyle
  5. RICH IN MUFA: Packed with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), it's a nutritional powerhouse that supports heart health and stabilizes blood sugar levels
  6. PACKED WITH VITAMINS E & K: Not only delicious but our olive oil also delivers a healthy dose of vitamins E and K, aiding in antioxidant defense and bone health
  7. ANTI-SPILL BOTTLE DESIGN: The thoughtfully designed anti-spill bottle ensures that every pour is clean and precise, preventing waste and keeping your kitchen tidy




100% Pure Unrefined Logo

100% Pure Unrefined

Cold Pressed Technology

Cold Pressed Technology

Extract from A1 grade

Extract from A1 Grade

Naturally Cholesterol Free

Natural Cholesterol Free

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5 star


12 reviews

Must buy.

This is very good oil high quality.

Using it for hair and skin also as the it's very effective


Coconut Oil

Multipurpose 100% Pure Cold Pressed Coconut oil.

This is a high quality products, used to use Maxcare and Cocosoul for cooking, hair, skin and body but this is just a level up. The aroma is heavenly and it's add great flavour to my everyday cooking.


Coconut Oil

Smells like fresh coconuts.

Very refreshing and good quality oil.

Vanshita Bachani

Coconut Oil

Good Quality - perfect 10.

The smell reminded me mustard oil from old times, how I used to get in village.

I have put some oil in a bowl and put in fridge it is not becoming solid which is test of purity.
Must buy

Akash Nayak

Mustard Oil

Zesty Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil.

This cold-pressed mustard oil is a game-changer in my kitchen! The zesty flavor it brings to my dishes is simply incredible. Its pure and natural goodness is evident in the rich aroma that fills the air when I use it for cooking

Rahul C

Mustard Oil

Bold and Nutritious.

I've found my go-to cooking companion with this cold-pressed mustard oil. Its bold taste adds a whole new dimension to my recipes, making them stand out. What I love most is its health benefits, as it's packed with natural nutrients and antioxidants

Sandesh Lad

Mustard Oil

Tata Simply Better Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil delivers every time.

From the moment I opened the bottle, I could sense the superior quality and purity of this oil. The rich aroma and authentic taste it adds to my dishes are simply remarkable. I appreciate the packaging that keeps the oil fresh and prevents any leaks or spills during transit.

Vedya Kambli

Groundnut Oil

Nutty & Natural!!

I'm loving this cold-pressed groundnut oil! It has a fantastic nutty taste and feels so natural. It's now a staple in my kitchen!


Groundnut Oil

Flavorful n Fresh.

This cold-pressed groundnut oil has a delightful nutty flavor that enhances my dishes. It's a healthier option, retaining natural nutrients. Versatile for cooking, skin, and hair care. A premium quality oil that's now a kitchen essential!

Sahil Patil

Groundnut Oil

Very light oil. Excellent for everyday cooking.

I have been using Puvi's oil but very happy after this launch. Tata quality is unmatched and the price is also comparable.

Vanshita Bachani

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil is the answer!!

This cold-pressed sesame oil is pure gold in my kitchen! The rich n golden hue gives nice touch to my dishes, and the aroma is very enticing... It's perfect for sautéing and adds a nutty, irresistible taste to my favorite recipe.


Sesame Oil

Irresistible taste.

It's perfect for sautéing and it's great in adding a nutty, irresistible taste to my recipes.

Darshan Chawan

Sesame Oil